How NetSuite Can Assist in Forecasting and Scenario Planning Right Now


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Nate Mariner, the Global Senior Business Manager for NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, discusses NetSuite Planning and Budgeting and why the solution’s capabilities are so crucial to helping businesses navigate today’s climate. After discussing his own history as a financial analyst (2:41), Mariner recalls the challenges he witnessed financial teams face around manual processes, inefficiencies and lack of flexibility (4:55). He then explains how the ever-changing landscape of a connected global world requires financial teams—across both large and small companies—to anticipate disruption (13:23). Mariner says most teams with planning and budgeting responsibilities typically struggle with disconnected systems and inefficiencies (18:18) before explaining what those teams should look for in a solution to such problems (21:17). He then dives into NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (22:52), how it offers a solution to all of the challenges discussed throughout our conversation (24:07), and what makes it stand out from competitors (26:20). He concludes with ways companies can plan around times of crisis (30:45) and what to expect from NetSuite Planning and Budgeting in the future (34:48).

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