How NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Allows for Greater Business Agility


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Oracle NetSuite’s Vice President of Platform Product Management, Elham Ghassemzadeh, reveals updates to the SuiteCloud platform in NetSuite’s 2020 Release 1. She starts off by explaining the SuiteCloud platform (4:22) and how it enables greater agility and, thus, the ability to respond to business changes quickly (5:32)--something that’s more important in today’s current climate than ever before. She then provides some real-life success stories of NetSuite customers who’ve benefited from utilizing SuiteCloud (8:25) as well as the ways independent software vendors and partners leverage the platform to build applications that can be deployed in the NetSuite ecosystem (10:03). Ghassemzadeh unveils advancements to the SuiteCloud Development Framework as well as SuiteScript 2.1 (13:23) before diving into updates catered to developers (16:03). She concludes with insight into the inspiration behind developments around the SuiteCloud platform (19:09) and what we can expect in the future (22:10).

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