How to Prepare for the 2020 Holiday Season: E-commerce, Marketing & More


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Oracle NetSuite’s Vice President of Product Management, Allison Auclair, joins this episode to discuss how organizations can start preparing for the 2020 holiday season and what commerce updates are rolling out in NetSuite’s 2020 Release 2. She begins by explaining her role (2:15) before recalling some of the biggest changes she’s seen throughout her 25 years working in commerce and supply chain solutions (3:03) and how those changes have impacted consumer trends (5:04). Auclair breaks down the challenges businesses have faced in adapting to those changes (7:16) and how a unified suite like NetSuite helps deliver an exceptional omnichannel experience (11:08). She then dives into the 2020 holiday season, explaining why businesses need to start preparing right now (12:37), the consumer trends we can expect to see (13:55) and ways in which businesses can set themselves up for e-commerce success (16:25). Auclair reveals the updates within NetSuite’s 2020 release 2 that will help companies get ready for the holidays and improve their omnichannel experience (25:23) before delivering marketing tips around promotion fatigue (29:41) and SMS messaging campaigns (30:55). She concludes with some general advice on navigating the current climate and looking for the silver lining (33:04).

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