NetSuite 2020 Release 1: WMS Updates Help Build Supply Chain Resilience


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Matt Wisner, Oracle NetSuite’s Manufacturing Industry Principal in the Supply Chain Center of Excellence, walks through warehouse and supply chain management updates in NetSuite 2020 Release 1 that are crucial to building business resilience right now. Wisner takes us through his two decades of experience working in supply chain and warehouse management (2:40), noting some of the biggest challenges he witnessed companies face in those operations (5:33). He discusses the importance of implementing a warehouse management system (WMS) to provide business leaders greater control of warehouse operations as well as real-time visibility of inventory and orders (10:45), before diving into NetSuite’s WMS capabilities and the value of being a true cloud solution (13:40). Wisner discusses what 2020.1 offers wholesale distribution companies as well as businesses with complex warehouse operations (20:44). He also discusses the benefits for outbound operations (25:17) and new additions to the supply chain control tower (27:28). Finally, Wisner concludes with insight into what companies can expect from NetSuite WMS and supply chain management capabilities in the future (34:38).

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