NetSuite 2020 Release 2: Professional Services Updates


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NetSuite 2020 Release 2 is here, and on this episode we’re diving into the updates for professional services firms. Senior Industry Expert, Adam Mayo, starts off by breaking down some of the common characteristics (3:13) and pain points (4:32) shared between services organizations before explaining how Oracle NetSuite addresses these challenges (7:35). He then dives into how COVD-19 has impacted services companies (10:02) with insight into ways these companies can forecast, despite an ever-changing climate (13:10). Mayo reveals the updates coming in 2020 release 2 that will help services firms navigate these changes (18:29) and get more out of their workforce (24:16). He also discusses how 2020.2 will help services organizations better serve their customers (27:58) and concludes with some big advice for getting through this challenging time (34:36).

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