NetSuite 2020 Release 2: SuiteCloud Platform Updates


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NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform is seeing some big updates in 2020 release 2. Joining us to break down all the details is NetSuite’s Principal Outbound Product Manager for the SuiteCloud Platform, Erik Klein. He starts off by giving us a refresher on the SuiteCloud platform (2:02) before revealing some of the major product themes driving investments in the platform space (5:30). He explains new capabilities for those who administer and manage NetSuite Accounts (7:19) as well as new dashboards to help administrators and IT get a better handle on environment performance (12:13). Klein dives into updates around internationalization and some of the latest tools and processes designed for companies managing businesses in multiple countries (15:17). He discusses what’s in store for the SuiteCloud Development Framework (21:49) as well as SuiteScript version 2.1, including enabling customization language to be compliant with the latest ECMAScript JavaScript standards (26:50). Finally, Klein shares new information around SuiteCloud integration technology (29:17), SuiteScript customization language (32:07) and NetSuite’s investment in records and records catalogs (36:56). Tune in for all of this and more!

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