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Senior Director of North America Business Development, Jenny Ayotte, breaks down everything there is to know about NetSuite’s Business Development Representative (BDR) Program. She begins by explaining the role of business development within NetSuite (2:12), how the BDR program got its start (5:05) and how it benefits the representatives who are hired into it (6:32). She walks through the BDR program experience (11:17) and what happens after the 15-month program ends (16:53). Ayotte also reveals what she looks for during the BDR hiring process (21:16), how the program makes the transition out of college easier for recent graduates (30:01) and how NetSuite ensures the program is inclusive and safe for everyone (31:05). Finally, she concludes with some of her biggest lessons learned in heading up the North America Business Development Program (37:29) and her perspective on why NetSuite is such a great place to work, learn and grow (41:39).

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