NetSuite Now On Air: Afterparty, Week 2


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Special Episode! Throughout October we’ll be covering NetSuite Now On Air, a four-week virtual event experience to help you get the most out of NetSuite and keep building your business. Each week we’re joined by NetSuite Editor-in-Chief, Fritz Nelson, and this week, we take a look back at week 2 of NetSuite Now On Air as well as what’s in store this week. Kicking things off, our founder, Evan Goldberg, highlights key takeaways from his fireside discussion with Freakonomics author and podcaster, Stephen Dubner (3:01). Then, Vice President of Product Management for the SuiteCloud Platform, Elham Ghassemzadeh, dives in to her product keynote from last week, breaking down the ways we're improving productivity and agility for NetSuite administrators (8:01). We get into the real-life impact of these improvements with RealWear’s NetSuite admin, Mark Needham, who provides some insights on ways his company utilizes customizations (13:29). Finally, we take a look back at week 2 breakout sessions with Marissa Kinsley, NetSuite Account Marketing Analyst (18:01), and conclude with what to look forward to this week as we take on CRM, commerce and communications on NetSuite Now On Air (19:58).

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