NetSuite’s Cash Management Capabilities Enable More Automation


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On this episode of the NetSuite Podcast, CPA and Product Manager for Strategy, Carrie Augustine, joins us to discuss NetSuite’s new rollout of cash management capabilities. She starts off by explaining some of the biggest challenges around cash management, using her own history as well as her experience with other accountants as real-life examples (3:30). Augustine dives into how those challenges affect a business’ overall success (6:07) and why a cash management solution is key to overcoming those challenges (7:46). She then explains what NetSuite’s new cash management capabilities bring to the table (9:31) and how those capabilities ultimately result in happier employees who are doing more tasks that actually add value to the company (14:47). Augustine concludes with the overall picture for NetSuite’s cash management strategy (16:47), touching on auto cash application—including auto cash app for lockbox import—as well as payments initiated in NetSuite and cash forecasting. Tune in for all of that and more!

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