Stephen Dubner on COVID-19, Meetings, Data Fluency and More


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Freakonomics author and podcaster, Stephen Dubner, joins this episode to discuss how the rules of business have changed, what we can learn from COVID-19, how to make meetings better and why data fluency is so important. Dubner begins the discussion by explaining how the “old rules of business” no longer apply, especially amid COVID-19 (2:23) and then dives into some of the lessons we’ve learned during this time that we can use to make better decisions in the future (6:29). With a 13% increase in meetings as more people are working from home, Dubner provides tactical advice on how to make our meetings more productive (11:16). He concludes by explaining the importance of data fluency and how we can all become more data fluent (20:13). Tune in for all of this and more!

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