Why Thompson Tee Moved off Brightpearl and Onto NetSuite


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Co-founder and president of Thompson Tee, Billy Thompson, reveals why he stepped away from systems like Magento, QuickBooks and Brightpearl and decided to implement Oracle NetSuite. Thompson begins by telling us a bit about Thompson Tee and why he founded the company (2:10). He goes on to explain the challenges the business faced in launching its first ecommerce website in 2012 (11:52) and, more specifically, the obstacles the team ran into using Magento as a smaller organization (16:11). Thompson decided to implement Brightpearl as a solution to Magento, but even more challenges arose in “duct taping” (as he puts it) the system to QuickBooks (20:11). He recalls a myriad of issues around data redundancies (21:44) and in managing inventory and the supply chain (24:36). Thompson explains why he decided to implement NetSuite as a solution to these challenges (27:19) and recalls some of the immediate benefits of the implementation (33:40). Thompson then describes how NetSuite helps him make better business decisions (43:15), especially in adapting around COVID-19 (44:35). He concludes with the overall impact NetSuite has had on the business (52:31) and where Thompson Tee is headed in the future (55:21).

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