125: Blood Glucose Decoded: Insulin, Metabolic Dysfunction and Blood Glucose Monitors | DR. CASEY MEANS, MD


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Episode Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3hXnQZT
My guest this week is Dr. Casey Means, a medical doctor who completed her medical degree and training at Stanford school of medicine and subsequently trained to be a Head & Neck Surgeon before transitioning to Functional Medicine.Her training with the Institute for Functional Medicine allows her to help you stay healthy and heal from within.
She has spent thousands of hours in the operating room and hospital, and has seen almost everything that can go wrong in personal health. I think you’re all going to really like the episode today as we dive deep into metabolic health, blood glucose, insulin and neurology.
We focus alot on hyperinsulinemia, metabolic dysfunction and genetics but we also talk alot about the software we now have available to us to track and monitor your blood glucose in real-time.
So I guess this podcast is great for anyone who is being introduced to blood glucose and really wants to understand how they can live a longer and healthier life by stabilising their blood glucose levels. I would say that one of the things in this podcast that fascinated me and really caught me by surprise was how important fluctuations in blood #glucose are and why getting them under control can really have a positive effect on not just your metabolic health but also the health of your brain with respect to stress and cortisol.
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