Alex Durussel-Baker 'Design-thinking, design-sprints, and community innovation'


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In this episode of #TheNewAbnormal, I interview Alex Durussel-Baker. The founder of CreativeMornings/Edinburgh, she's also a certified Design Sprint coach, an award-winning UX designer, produces awareness campaign @diabetesbydesign and is a coach at Tribe Women. With a background in startups and agency design, she founded Korero Studio - a design collective that brings together “plug-and-play” talent to deliver Design Sprints, an innovation methodology to help solve tricky business problems and bring ideas to life in just five days. (Alex specialises in delivering design thinking and strategic workshops for businesses and individuals in the early phases of their product or service.) Therefore, in this episode we discuss the dynamic CreativeMornings (a movement begun in NYC 'believing in the power of communities' that, every month, sees people gather in over 200 cities across nearly 70 countries), along with her viewpoints on how to run truly catalytic workshops. Alex also discusses the dynamic @diabetesbydesign which raises awareness and dispels misconceptions surrounding T1D - informing, inspiring and igniting new conversations around this often misunderstood disease.

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