Christian van Nieuwerburgh 'Hope vs Optimism re: Mental Health & Psychological Wellbeing'


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In this episode of #TheNewAbnormal, I interview Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Executive Director of 'Growth Coaching International' and Professor of Positive Psychology at University of East London. An international authority in the field of coaching, he's a renowned public speaker who regularly presents on the topics of motivation, engagement and leadership. Currently finalising his latest book, "The Principles and Practice of Coaching in Islamic Culture", he is motivated by the idea of creating coaching cultures for learning which allow people to pursue their aspirations with confidence and mental toughness. In this fascinating episode, we discuss his thinking around post-traumatic growth, social polarisation, evidencing compassion, why hope isn't mere wishful thinking - it 's a valuable tool, and why optimism can be dangerous during a pandemic. Christian explains that while it's important that a vision for the future is believable, it should also be desirable - and he also outlines six evidence-based ways to look after your mental health during a lockdown. To conclude, we debate the psychology and philosophy of hope vs optimism. This is one of my favourite subjects, and so I hope you enjoy listening to Christian as much as I did.

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