Geoff Glendenning 'Why one of the greatest-ever launches was basically two-fingers to the industry'


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This episode of 'The New Abnormal' coincides with the 25th anniversary of Sony Playstation's launch: one of the most successful (and in a marketing context - anarchic) launches of all time. The brains behind that activity is my guest, Geoff Glendenning. He's a renowned brand strategist and integrated marketing expert, who's also worked with iconic brands including Greenpeace, Microsoft, Vans, Coca-Cola, MTV, Olympus, Ben & Jerry's, Channel 4, Sega, Ministry of Sound, Volcom and Sony Music. In this episode, he focuses on the launch of PS1, as at the time it used an approach - basically fighting a traditional corporate mindset - which has been incredibly influential in the years that have followed. To do so, Geoff utilised his knowledge of, and preference for, leveraging alternative culture with guerilla marketing techniques. The catalytic results changed an industry, and in this podcast he explains in detail why he took this approach, the tactics that he used, and how he views the marketing landscape in 2020. BTW, Geoff is very enthusiastic about his favourite subject - so in this episode I just sat back and enjoyed listening to the story unfold!

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