Graham Black 'Collaboration is the creative driving force in 2021'


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In this episode of #TheNewAbnormal, I interview Graham Black, Owner/Creative Director at BureauxBlack Design, and a Lecturer at Falmouth University; whose particular areas of expertise are in the arts, culture, sport, literature and current affairs. His early agency career focused on the music industry, designing record sleeves and advertising campaigns for clients inc Virgin, EMI and Sony; and in the years that followed he's art directed editorial publications for some of the biggest and most respected brands in publishing, inc The FT, The Economist, and The Observer. His design approach is to employ powerful, sophisticated and striking typography, photography and illustration. After many years of commissioning he's built up a contact book that inc many of the finest reportage, portrait, fashion and travel photographers in the world, as well as the most innovative and well known illustrators. this episode we discuss some of the amazing photographers and illustrators with whom he's worked (resulting in covers featuring everyone from Bowie to Mandela to Orwell), and his viewpoints on leading-edge culture, NextGen magazines and the creative process. And, of course, his take on why 'hope, community and resilience' are the way forward...

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