John Shaw 'Cockroach brands, cultural dynamics, and the future of work'


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In this episode of #TheNewAbnormal, I interview John Shaw, the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Superunion 'a next-generation agency built on a spirit of creative optimism'. (His past roles inc being Chief Strategy Officer of WPP Team Red, Strategy & Planning Partner at Rapier, Regional Planning Director EAME / Joint Worldwide Planning Director at Ogilvy, and Planning Director at Wieden + Kennedy.) During the episode, John illuminates his views on issues regarding the ongoing changes in both corporate culture and agency-land, why so many agencies are still so bad at clarifying their positioning, poses the question 'what is a company' and provides some compelling answers re: the future of work inc workplaces / workforces. He then moves on to discuss the tensions between luxury and sustainability, and why the C19 crisis has led to a resurgence of nostalgia. Along the way, he discusses a really dynamic career that's seen him work with some of the biggest and best names in the world of agencies, and gives his advice for the planners & strategists of tomorrow...

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