Jussi Solja 'Putting agency superpowers to good use - helping brands to reinvent themselves'


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This episode of #TheNewAbnormal features Jussi Solja, who is 'one of the beasts' at the Finland-based ' Sexy Beast' who are an 'anti-agency for startups and bold brands'. Nicely put! Jussi has many years of global experience in marketing strategy, digital marketing, service and user experience design to branding, content strategy and beyond. Over the years he's founded and managed agencies, launched a Finnish hiphop phenomenon, ran the marketing of the biggest classifieds platform in the Middle-East, worked with multiple startups, and headed a global team responsible for Nokia’s flagship products, winning multiple international awards in the process. So we discuss a range of insights linked to the above, why he thinks there's a rather odd 'in-built animosity between many agencies and their clients' and why that led to the highly unusual and dynamic approach taken by The Sexy Beast. (Which essentially involves 'getting great people in a room for five days' in order to create catalytic brand / product / service / comms concepts.) He also discusses why he believes there's been a fundamental shift in how we do 'brand purpose' in 2020, where we essentially ask ourselves "what's the genuine brand role in this new society"? And when it comes to issues relating to my themes of "hope, community and resilience", you'll learn why the Finnish ethos of 'talkoot' and 'sisu' are so important...

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