Lauren Razavi 'The Future of Work and the Digital Nomad Community'


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In this episode of #TheNewAbnormal, I interview the award-winning multimedia journalist Lauren Razavi, who specialises in subjects including the Future of Work, Future Cities, Tech Policy and Ethics. She therefore reports on topics at the intersection of technology, business, policy and human behaviour - and has also spent years delivering talks and appearing on panels about big tech, surveillance, blockchain, internet culture etc, alongside her past work with those inc Google, The Guardian, and Inverse. She's currently writing a book that examines the past two decades of tech innovation and its impact on economics and equality globally, covering issues from the sharing economy and data sovereignty to algorithmic decision-making. Lauren is a deep thinker and vocal commentator on how we can realign technology with the interests of humanity, and so I make every attempt to keep up with her as we discuss her viewpoints - in particular the global 'Digital Nomad' community regarding issues such as individual empowerment, distributed work, community & isolation, place-making, lifestyle stability & mental health, generational trends, environmentalism, and some suggested political / social / economic policy responses.

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