Lucy von Sturmer 'Challenging the status quo to create positive impact'


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In this episode of #TheNewAbnormal podcast, I interview the dynamic Lucy von Sturmer, founder of thought leadership agency The Humblebrag and Co-Initiator of global network Creatives for Climate. The Humblebrag works with some of Europe’s best agencies, brands, artists and sustainable fashion initiatives to use the power of ideas, opinions and creativity to challenge the status quo and create impact. (Lucy's mission is to support leaders to take a stand on social, cultural and environmental issues and through her work, to help companies and brands build their reputation.) Creatives for Climate is a global network and grassroots initiative to coordinate a collective response from the creative industries to mobilise action on the climate emergency. Lucy cut her communications-teeth in the world of journalism, television and PR, before working for NGOs, which was followed by a move to advertising, before she founded the Humblebrag. She's also built a reputation as a public speaker and has been featured in titles inc The Huffington Post, AdWeek, The Drum, Sustainable Brands and Mumbrella. So, in this episode, we discuss all of the above, including her specific viewpoints on brand activism, disruption, regenerative solutions, intersectionality and social inclusion; along with her take on 'hope community and resilience' in 2021...

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