Raja Habre 'Hope, Community and Resilience in Lebanon'. #LawChouMaSar


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In this episode of #TheNewAbnormal, I interview Raja Habre. He's Executive Director of the LFA, a highly influential business organisation based in Beirut, comprising a mixture of those from top Lebanese and international brands. He's also responsible for the renowned BIFF and BIFEX events, innovative economic congresses that help to modernise and promote the Lebanese economy. He's a widely travelled and deeply experienced individual, who in this interview gives a no-holds barred account of the situation within which Lebanon now finds itself, after a catastrophic year that now sees it with a 75% poverty rate, whilst hosting nearly 2 million refugees (many of which are c/o the conflict in Syria) in a country afflicted in various parts by up to 22hrs a day of power blackouts, and where the impact of both Covid and the catastrophic recent explosion in Beirut have made the situation even worse than many thought possible, in a country affected by years of political chaos. So, in this sobering discussion, Raja delivers an important message; during which he reflects on the subjects of hope, community and resilience: #LawChouMaSar - Lebanon doesn't give up!

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