Richard Watson "Why the only certainty about the future is that it's uncertain"


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In this episode of #TheNewAbnormal I interview Richard Watson,
Futurist-in-Residence at Judge Business School, Cambridge University. He helps organisations to think, especially about emerging opportunities and risks. Particular interests include emerging tech, AI, robotics, education, energy, and water. Richard has written extensively on societal trends and the impact of technology, and has given over 300 talks to various organisations throughout the world. He's worked extensively on scenario planning projects having been introduced to the discipline by one of the founders of GBN. The author of five books about various aspects of the future (inc the scenario process), he's blogged on innovation for Fast Company and written for Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and McKinsey & Co. Finally, he's also a visiting lecturer at both Imperial College Business School and London Business School, co-founder of 'Thinking Allowed' and one of the people behind Sci-Fi nights at the Royal College Of Art. So, we discuss all of the above alongside issues such as a potential corona chronology, leadership, the merits of studying politics, philosophy & economics, and the entrepreneurial mind. Finally, Richard outlines a strategic approach based on 'scenario worlds or a preferred future'...

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