People's Enemy No.1: The Central Park Dog Walker, Karen.


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Karen, the Central Park Dog Walker, Public Enemies No.'s 1-5, KaronaVirus, whatever you want to call her, has found herself in a rapidly-accelerating, socially-engineered media-driven conveyance to international infamy.

She lost her job, her pet and her Social Credit Score.

The viral video in which she called the police on a black man in the Ramble of Central Park showed a fairly ugly side of her personality, but is it possible that she might've had some seemingly legit reason to fear the stranger who insisted that she leash her dog?

Was she 100% in the wrong? It turns out, no. The whole story here about these two nitwits, plus coverage of the hysteria which has now led to death threats, new hate crime legislation and a probe by the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

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