#162 Charlie: In Pursuit of a Noble Aim


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Show Notes

Today, I will talk about a subject very dear to my heart—the meaning of life. As many know, I am a big fan of Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. In the last 5 years, Peterson has become a very wildly renowned speaker and author.

In a recently posted YouTube video on The Meaning of Life, Dr. Peterson offered fresh ideas that got me thinking meaning of life from a different sort of filter.

Often we preach the idea of “meaning of life” as sort of philosophical mission statement, with oh too grandiose language. Today I am thinking more about my meaning in life in an everyday manner. In other words, what do I do on an hour-by-hour basis that attributes to a life worth living well?

To get into this right away, Producer Paul and I will discuss the meaning of life on a more granular level dealing with the day to day.

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