#167 Soheila Adelipour Love: An Antidote to Tragic Loss


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Show Notes

Our guest today brings with her a huge potpourri of emotional tragedy, cosmic learning, and even a surprising taste of laughter. And I say “a surprising taste of laughter” because after Soheila Adelipour tells her story, I guarantee you will be unsure exactly how to respond. The one thing you most certainly will walk away with is a renewed vision of the miraculous power of Love.

In 1979, Soheila Adelipour and her family arrived in the United States after escaping the horrors of revolution and persecution in Iran. She and her 5 siblings stuck closely together, worked hard, married, had children, and were blessed with impressive success in New York City. Her brother and “soul-mate” went on to become a highly regarded Neurosurgeon at the Lennox Hospital in Manhattan.

But for Soheila all that changed in 2007: her 22-year-old son, Stephan, near graduation at Boston University, was killed in a dorm room fire. THE worst thing any parent could experience. And then only 7 years later in 2013 her sister died after suffered 5 brain surgeries. And only a few months after that Soheila’s beloved brother and “soul mate” died of leukemia.

For many of us, these horrific tragedies would be utterly debilitating. But as she expresses in her 5 Star Amazon Book, Dancing to the Darkest Light, Soheila speaks a message on the power of love… even in the very darkest of times.

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