#171 Haley Chapman: Daring to Dream Big


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Show Notes

It is so good to be back in studio. I so prefer working with you in here rather than remotely in my home office. Now that’s odd coming from an introvert. But I think perhaps I am only a “partial introvert,” I still enjoy live conversations with interesting people.

And “interesting” certainly describes our guest today. I have known Haley Chapman for longer than fifteen years, all beginning when she was just 9 or 10 years old. And in the meantime Haley has grown up to become an impressive and enthusiastic young woman with unique talents and most challenging dreams.

Her bio reads: Haley Chapman is a young entertainment industry professional living in Los Angeles, CA. Most recently she has worked as a publicist at multiple record labels, television and film production studios, including Dick Clark Productions. Haley is also a most gifted singer / songwriter, having released her first EP at 18 years old. She attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN, where she received her degree in Music Business and Entertainment Industry Studies.

I am keenly interested in chatting with Haley about the challenging and ultra competitive journey of a brilliant and creative artist.

With that let’s bring Haley Chapman on the show.

You can contact Haley at haleychapman25@gmail.com

Listen to Haley’s Songs Here: https-//soundcloud.com/hal#4375

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