1075 D&S: All Jared, All the Time


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Hold on, are you saying you DON'T want to hear more Jared? Well fuck off then, maybe you should actually call in every once in a while like we politely ask you too pretty much every week. 4242 DJ DOUG is the number, it's not that hard, it will only take like 2 minutes out of your life but you don't even care enough to do that. Jared does, Jared has 4242 DJ DOUG on speed dial and when he is entertained by our Friday shit-shows, he calls in and shows his appreciation. That's all we ask. We're not going to charge you for the show, we're not even gonna bed for Patreon donations (cause we tried that once and it didn't work out so well) but damn it, could you just CALL and leave a voice message every once in a while? Doug is feeling a little rejected right now. It's not that fucking hard people, just show us a little love.

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