A Lil Convenience For All Your Freedom


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The No Nonsense Show Episode #690

Smooth decided that the little bit of convenience was enough to sacrifice all of his freedom. He went and got the shot to protect him from the virus. Now he will be able to travel from state to state with no issues. Great! And then there were two...

Falcons showed how great this season will be for Atlanta fans. I guess we will wait on basketball season. Luckily we have a few pieces that will pick right where last season left off. Go Hawks!

If you got divorced and had to jump back into the dating world, are you dating a woman with kids? I think I have put in my time. I don't need to raise other kids. Give me a woman with bad ovaries.

French Reggy may be regretting getting his vaccine. As time passes, he is beginning to see the ridiculous lengths the government is willing to go to in an effort to get everyone vaxxed. Employment mandates, Vax shaming, turning neighbor against neighbor, and the death rate has still not risen above 2%. When is the next impeachment?

A Lil Convenience For All Your Freedom #TNNS690

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