The Noble Man Invests in Other Men | Episode 17


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Mike Young is joined by a group of younger guys as they discuss the impact of men who have invested in their lives in this week’s podcast, The Noble Man Invests in Other Men. 

As fathers, we are to be the primary disciplers in our children’s lives. As men, we need to seek to invest in younger men, come alongside them, and encourage them in their faith.

A broader perspective of discipleship includes modeling ideals and character traits such as:
  • Consistency in church attendance
  • Generosity
  • Caring
  • Availability to share time and advice
  • Walking the talk
  • Hospitality as a family affair
  • Service
  • Investing in others
  • Studying the Word regularly
  • Walking well with Christ
Discipleship can also happen in a moment.

“Standing in line at Walmart, we can have a spiritual conversation that encourages someone in their faith, and that’s a discipleship moment.”

“Never get to the point where you think no one is watching you. You can be a mentor and encourager to someone right behind you.”

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