The Noble Man Knows Who He Is (Guest: Gary Freeman) | Episode 19


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We consistently wrestle with the question, “Who am I?”

Mike Young talks about identity this week on the podcast with Gary Freeman, Fatherhood and Family Program Manager of Care Net National. Gary walks us through his own search for identity as a man who “knew church but didn’t know Jesus.” During his years of playing college football, he came to Christ in a “Saul-to-Paul moment.” A gifted athlete, Gary had realistic hopes to join the NFL when a series of injuries took him on a different journey. He is “pro abundant life” with a passion to see lives saved, transformed, and living abundantly in Jesus Christ.

According to the Barna Journal Five Essentials to Reach Today’s Men, 80% of evangelical men say faith is the core of their identity. “We need to live that out, not just mark it on a survey.”

Questions About Identity:

What happens when my identity is ripped away?

Who is my true source - the created thing or the Creator?

Am I really going to trust God for Him to provide?

Am I striving for Christ or for myself?

Who do I really serve?

How do we use what we have to serve God?

Who is Christ in me?


Care Net

Gary J. Freeman

“The Role of Men in the Fight for Life” - The Noble Man workshop by Gary Freeman

The Five Essentials to Reach Today’s Men Barna study


The Kendrick Brothers' movie, Overcomer

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work by Timothy Keller


1 Peter 5:8

I Samuel 16:7

John 10:10

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