Episode 8: Per Sundnes – Pop culture of the North


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The guest of the last pre-Christmas Nordics Unveiled episode is the exciting and outspoken music journalist and presenter Per Sundnes. A familiar face in Scandinavia, Per is known for his pop culture expertise, specialized in music and fashion. Per attended the University of Arts London, with focus on film and TV, and has since 2002 worked at the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK. His most known tv programs include the Store Studio and Norwegian part of the Eurovision Song Contest.
In my opinion Norwegian artists in modern era were never ‘hungry enough’, because if you are hungry then you do like A-Ha did for example, go abroad to either UK or Germany and get a big label there.”
Per Sundnes, The Nordics Unveiled
“If there is something that is original about the Nordic pop culture, being Norwegian, Swedish, Finish or Russian is the indigenous Sami.”
Per Sundnes, The Nordics Unveiled
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