EP 24: Paige Claassen — Pre-Send Rituals, Breathing Techniques, and Learning from Each Attempt


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Paige Claassen is a professional rock climber and the founder of the Southern Africa Education Fund. We talked about pre-send rituals, breathing techniques, how she changed her diet to improve recovery, recent training, how she structures bouldering and outdoor sessions, learning from each attempt, and favorite crag snacks.

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1:55 – “Coming to you live from my closet!”

3:04 – Frangog

4:44 – Learning to try hard, and reminding yourself that “I’ve sent in the past when things weren’t perfect”

8:26 – ‘Just Do It’, deep audible breaths, and clicking into the moment

11:45 – Pre-send rituals, working with a biokineticist, and activation points

14:28 – Paige’s thoughts on audible breathing

17:36 – Breathing beta, composing yourself, and “Everyone loves climbing on jugs”

19:03 – ‘Odin’s Eye’, eating more protein, training differently, and becoming a different climber

24:21 – Gym bouldering for power

27:15 – How Paige structures a bouldering session, and focusing on quality over quantity

28:59 – Training seasonally, and how Paige structures outdoor climbing sessions

30:33 – Day on day off

31:34 – Finding what works for you, and owning it

32:06 – A mental shift to not performing in the gym

33:24 – “I just love projecting.”

34:31 – Believing in the process, tricep pushups, and recent training during quarantine

39:42 – Losing ten pounds by eating more fat, protein amounts, and collagen for fingers and skin

44:20 – Southern Africa Education Fund (SAEF), building school buildings, and a new playground

49:24 – Mentorship, open and learning, and living in an exciting time

51:43 – Gratitude for family

53:14 – Current favorite climbing snack, and “I’m not afraid of carbs.”

56:01 – Fish tacos and buffalo cauliflower

57:35 – ‘Shadowboxing’, 5.15 as a goal, and climbing more 5.14+ routes in North America

59:58 – ‘Dreamcatcher’

1:00:50 – Learning from each attempt, frustrating to fun, and “if we’re not having fun there’s no point

1:02:35 – “Treat yourself as you would treat others.”

1:03:20 – Completing the Yurdin family (minus Kasbah)

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