287: Claire Booth on Curing Achiever Fever


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Claire Booth is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. She’s the founder and CEO of the market research firm Lux Insights with two decades of experience serving some of the worlds most recognized brands. In this episode, Eric and Claire discuss her book, The Achiever Fever Cure: How I Learned to Stop Striving Myself Crazy.

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In This Interview, Claire Booth and I Discuss…

  • Her book, The Achiever Fever Cure: How I Learned to Stop Striving Myself Crazy
  • Her experience of learning to love her bad wolf
  • Keeping her inner house clean
  • The anxiety, depression, and insomnia that came with her constant achieving
  • The difference between achiever fever and achieving
  • I’ll be happy when…
  • The craving mindset of achieving
  • How every leader in her business has a coach
  • The importance of a coach
  • The questions we ask ourselves, the stories we tell ourselves – that we need someone to poke holes in them
  • Her inner critic – the judge
  • The left brain interpreter
  • Checking your thoughts for truth
  • Asking if your thought could be defended 100% in a court of law
  • Asking yourself, who would I be without that thought?
  • Cognitive Bias
  • Asking yourself “Would my life be better if I wasn’t drinking?”
  • The feeling of worry
  • How she is able to let go of worry

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