289: Eric Tivers on ADHD in Adults


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Eric Tivers is a licensed clinical social worker, coach, podcaster, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. He specializes in ADHD and has worked extensively with individuals on the autism spectrum. His podcast is ADHD reWired and in this episode, Eric and Eric talk about the experience of being an Adult with ADHD.

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In This Interview, Eric Tivers and I Discuss…

  • How he separates “mind” and “brain”
  • ADHD in Adults
  • Impulsivity and Hyperactivity
  • Inattention and Distractability
  • How people with ADHD aren’t lazy – according to brain scans
  • The diagnostic criteria for ADHD
  • The multimodal treatment approach for ADHD
  • His experience with Adderall
  • The lie of “I’ll remember that”
  • Time wisdom
  • The importance of Exercise, Sleep
  • Separate decision from action
  • The wisdom in flipping a coin
  • A disorder of self-regulation
  • Accountability
  • The anatomy of a to-do list
  • Vision verbing
  • Why cue
  • Life on hard mode – but we can do hard things

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