296: Brent Williams on Recovering from Depression


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Brent Williams suffered for a long time from depression and anxiety and during that time he kept a journal about his thoughts, feelings, and experiences. That journal has now been turned in to a beautiful graphic novel called, Out Of The Woods: A Journey Through Depression and Anxiety. In this episode, Brent and Eric use his story as a jumping-off point to discuss how depression can show up in your life and how you can realistically, practically, and effectively find your way out of it.

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In This Interview, Brent Williams and I Discuss…

  • His book, Out Of The Woods: A Journey Through Depression and Anxiety
  • How subtle depression can be in your life – permeating everything
  • All the things he went to as a diagnosis before he admitted it was depression he was suffering from
  • His resistance to taking depression medication
  • How he watched his father take medication for anxiety and how it changed him
  • His resistance to taking help from others
  • His experience in therapy
  • The metaphor of depression medication being a life preserver but you still have to swim back to shore
  • The components of self-care: eat well, exercise, be with people, be outside, get support, stop ruminating, proper sleep
  • How fundamental good nutrition is when it comes to mental well being
  • Doing small and manageable things when you’re depressed
  • How the reward mechanism in your brain isn’t working properly when you’re depressed
  • How it took him a while to find the right therapist
  • The potential danger of meditating when depressed
  • That mindfulness meditation was the form of meditating that helped him most
  • The impact of keeping a mood chart – seeing a pattern that you can’t see at the time
  • That sometimes you just have to push yourself over the hurdle of doing things that are good for you when you don’t feel like doing them
  • Looking at your activities to assess your mental wellbeing
  • Depression showing up as irritability in men

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