299: Mark Henick on Suicide and Depression


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Mark Henick has appeared in hundreds of television segments and countless more radio, print and online features about mental health. Mark’s TedTalk, “Why We Choose Suicide”, is among the most-watched in the world with over 6 million views. In this episode, he tells Eric about his experience with attempts at suicide, relapsing depression and getting skillful with finding meaning and living his life. This isn’t just a broad discussion on suicide and depression – there are real, practical techniques and approaches that can be applied to life today, no matter your circumstances, to create meaning, fulfillment, and yes, even joy.

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In This Interview, Mark Henick and I Discuss Suicide, Depression, and…

  • The duality of life and death
  • Mental Health and Suicide
  • His suicidality at 12 years old
  • The message he got that he couldn’t talk about suicide
  • The complete stranger who saved him from jumping from a bridge at night – physically holding on to him
  • His realization that he didn’t have to be the suffering boy he was, he could be the stranger that helped him…that his life could be different
  • The myth that if you talk about suicide it will give people the idea to do it
  • The right way and wrong way to talk about suicide and depression
  • How freeing it is to talk about something
  • When others told him they could relate to his story of suicide and depression
  • His recovery through a newfound sense of purpose
  • The healthier relationships he pursued
  • Getting clear about boundaries
  • The toxic masculinity he was surrounded by as a child
  • Not having the language to express the feelings he had
  • The perceptual field and increasing your options by getting uncomfortable.
  • How depression limits the options you can see
  • Broadening of perception and expansion as a part of awakening
  • Something good can come from most painful situations; It’s in the lens you take and the work that you do.
  • His depression and social anxiety disorder
  • The danger in an avoidant coping strategy as well as the flaws of perfectionism.
  • Realizing the cross you bear can change into meaning and how to turn your struggle into something good.
  • Getting good at re-lapsing with his depression
  • His misguided thought that he was failing at getting better
  • Learning to trust himself AND learning not to believe every one of his thoughts
  • The truth: This too shall pass (the more you cling to it the longer it takes to pass)
  • How depression hates a moving target

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Ted Talk: “Why We Choose Suicide”



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