304: Tony Wrighton on Managing Your Energy


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Tony Wrighton is a regular on Sky Sports News, the author of 3 books, and the creator and host of the Zestology podcast. In this episode, Eric and Tony talk about managing and optimizing your energy, ways to build fun into your day, techniques from Neurolinguistic Programming to help with anxiety and a lot more. This conversation is all about being intentional and smart about how you structure your days in order to support and promote your own well being.

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In This Interview, Tony Wrighton and I Discuss Managing your Energy and …

  • Trying to meditate with a 4-month-old
  • How there’s not a good and evil wolf – rather, many different wolves
  • His training in NLP
  • The role of control in our lives
  • Parenting
  • Why he named his podcast Zestology – and what it means to him
  • The idea of managing energy – without it, you can’t do anything. With a lot of it, you feel you can conquer the world
  • The thing that helps with energy and well being as well as what counts as a “fun” activity for him.
  • Meditating, sleep, good food, intermittent fasting, exercise
  • The thing that, when he didn’t do it, caused his daily energy level to decrease by 30%
  • How he tracks the variables that contribute to his energy levels
  • His books: Confidence in a Minute, Persuade in a Minute, and Relax in a Minute
  • The NLP technique of anchoring in addition to managing your inner voice.
  • How we get used to anything in life so it’s important to switch things up
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Authenticity

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