314: Linda Graham on Strengthening Our Resilience


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Linda Graham is a licensed marriage and family therapist and her work focuses on helping people strengthen capacities to cope with the challenges and crises of their lives. She also helps people recover an authentic sense of self, deepen into healthy relationships and engage with the world through meaningful, purposeful work. Her book is Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster. In this episode, she and Eric talk about the neuroscience of resilience and specific ways to strengthen our resilience, no matter our starting point. When life gets difficult, this episode will teach you how to cultivate your resilience, bounce back and grow stronger.

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In This Interview, Linda Graham and I Discuss Strengthening our Resilience and…

  • Her book, Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster
  • The neuroscience of resilience
  • All emotions are signals to pay attention and take wise action
  • How emotions run through our nervous system in about 20 seconds, unless we feed them with stories and with habitual patterns of response
  • If we can allow difficult emotions and have compassion for ourselves for feeling them, we can shift the patterns in our brain away from that contracted state and into a more open state – the outcome is resilience
  • What resilience is
  • Response flexibility
  • How you respond to the issue, IS the issue
  • The severity of the stressor and the strength of our external resources
  • Our own internal resources
  • Differentiating between our perception and our response
  • How our attitude is a filter that our perception goes through
  • Cultivating a resilience mindset
  • The factors that influence our brain’s response flexibility. as well as how we can re-wire our brain’s response flexibility
  • How to create new patterns of responding to difficulty
  • The default mode network
  • Practices that people can use to strengthen their resilience
  • A practice that will calm a panic attack in under 1 minute
  • The things that accelerate brain change
  • Changing every “should” to a “could”
  • That “should” creates contraction in the brain whereas “could” creates openness and possibility in the brain
  • Pausing to remember that we can be resilient and asking yourself “What story am I believing now?”
  • How triggers become trailheads

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