315: Pete Holmes on Discovering Spiritual Truths


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Pete Holmes is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and podcaster. He is both a hilarious comedian and a deeply contemplative, spiritual person. In this episode, Eric and Pete discuss his book, Comedy Sex God where they go into detail about how Pete views and experiences the world. From how he has learned to deal with frustrations to the way he returns to the present moment and experiences God in his daily life, this interview explores his direct experience with so much spiritual wisdom. You will laugh and also be deeply touched and inspired by this engaging, thoughtful conversation about discovering spiritual truths.

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In This Interview, Pete Holmes and I Discuss Spiritual Truths and…

  • His book, Comedy Sex God
  • The nature of life
  • Lighting up our pleasure centers can dull the rest of life
  • How sin is about being unconscious
  • The consequences of our behavior are not waiting for us in the afterlife – they’re with us in the here and now
  • The tension between being and doing
  • Maintaining your center while doing a task
  • When Ram Dass told him, “don’t do funny, BE funny”
  • The mistake of postponing your happiness until things are going your way
  • His favorite mantra
  • That being here and saying yes to the present moment is the kingdom of heaven
  • Being present even while you’re planning in addition to non-resistance
  • The story of you, your ego and how it likes to exist
  • How he connects with his wife when he’s rushed
  • The role of curiosity
  • When in doubt, zoom out
  • How God is a metaphor for a mystery

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