322: Kamla Kapur on Transformative Powers in Life


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Kamla Kapur is an award winning author, poet and playwright. She was born and raised in India and studied in the United States. Kamla now divides her time between living in the remote Indian Himalayas and in San Diego, California with her husband. She holds a Master’s Degree in Literature from Kent State University in Ohio and she studied Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. Kamla was on the faculty of Grossmont College in San Diego for 18 years and her stories, poems, and plays have been published in many prestigious Indian and American journals. In this episode, she and Eric use her new book, Rumi: Tales of the Spirit: A Journey to Healing the Heart, as a jumping off point to discuss the transformative powers we experience through various life experiences.

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In This Interview, Kamla Kapur and I discuss Transformative Powers in Life and…

  • Her book, Rumi: Tales of the Spirit: A Journey to Healing the Heart
  • The deep wound to Rumi’s heart that transformed him and brought forth his treasured body of work that we now know and love
  • How suffering can be our greatest tutor and guide in life
  • The idea of expansion and contraction in our lives
  • That when your heart breaks, it breaks open
  • How suffering can open us up to being more aware and connected to our higher selves
  • That those who transform as a result of their suffering are open to a different way of thinking as a result of the difficult things that happen to them
  • The transformative powers of hope, joy, and love
  • Rumi’s stories of characters embracing suffering
  • How all suffering has the power to awaken us
  • The transformative power of suffering
  • The transformative power of acceptance
  • How Rumi says, “When the candle of your youth dims, you have to light the candle of the spirit.”
  • Actively ascending to our aging
  • The awe and wonder of existence and the mystery of life that we as humans can perceive

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