326: Special Episode: Crisis Strategies for Mental and Emotional Health


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As the COVID-19 pandemic intensified earlier this week, Eric reached out to several previous guests of the show to ask them if they would be willing to talk with him for two special edition episodes of The One You Feed Podcast. They all generously agreed at a moment’s notice and this episode is the second of those two episodes. These mini-interviews are with 6 leaders in the realms of mental health and spirituality. Eric talks with each of them about how to deal with difficult thoughts and offers practical strategies for emotional health during these challenging times. These are all new conversations with previous guests, Parker Palmer, Mirabai Starr, Lewis Howes, Steven C. Hayes, Scott Stabile, and Sharon Salzberg.

In This Special Episode, We discuss Strategies for Emotional Health and…

  • Turning our attention to those who are vulnerable and need our help
  • The connection between anxiety and uncertainty
  • Accepting the truth that there are many things we cannot control
  • Being attentive to what we can control
  • How reflecting on and learning from suffering can be therapeutic
  • That dissolution is a good thing: You’ve lost an illusion and you’re that much closer to reality
  • How to abide in a space of not knowing
  • The paradox of actively helping the situation by doing less, staying put and slowing down
  • Reorienting to what we really need vs. our tendencies towards overconsumption
  • How to be mindful and Feed Our Good Wolf during a time of crisis
  • That constantly seeing crisis media alerts is like seeing a car crash every 2 minutes – we benefit from placing boundaries on how often we consume media coverage
  • Creating meaning amidst suffering
  • How psychological flexibility can help us move through difficulty
  • How to move through a crisis so that you come out of it with post-traumatic growth
  • Ways to work with your anger towards others during this crisis
  • Ways to work with your fear about this crisis
  • The helpful pillars of self-care that can really support us in crisis
  • Looking for ourself in others to bring empathy
  • What it means to connect to our hearts and souls
  • The importance of giving yourself grace and forgiveness during a crisis
  • How loving-kindness meditation can help us
  • How staying home can mimic the effects of a reflective retreat
  • A guided meditation from Sharon Salzberg

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