343: Mini Episode: On and On it Goes (Coronavirus Update)


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In this mini-episode, Eric discusses the importance of having a spiritual practice so that you can have a strong foundation from which to build upon in your life. This has never been more important than right now as we face the seemingly unending coronavirus crisis we are currently in.

  • The realization in his recovery that he didn't have anything sustainable or grounding in his life
  • Discovering a spiritual life when you don't believe in God in the traditional sense
  • Finding spiritual principles such as acceptance, mindfulness, generosity, kindness, and love as a way to orient his life.
  • Learning to make these principles the center of your life
  • Liminal space as waiting space
  • Using this space as a fertile ground where transformation can happen
  • Learning to engage with what is here, right now.
  • Using this time as an opportunity to let go and surrender to a greater potential
  • Choose growth over stagnation
  • Choose thriving or surviving
  • Learning the key spiritual principles and changing our habits to incorporate these key principles in our daily lives.

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