349: Sasha Sagan on Science and the Sacred


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Sasha Sagan is a writer who has also worked as a television producer, filmmaker, editor, and speaker. Sasha’s writing has appeared in New York Magazine, O Magazine, Literary Hub, and others. Her latest book is called, For Small Creatures Such As We: Rituals For Finding Meaning In Our Unlikely World.

In this episode, Sasha Sagan and Eric talk about bringing a sense of sacredness to a scientific world, maintaining our awe and wonder, and the role and importance of ritual in our lives.

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In This Interview, Sasha Sagan and I Discuss Science, the Sacred, and…

  • Her book, For Small Creatures Such As We: Rituals For Finding Meaning In Our Unlikely World
  • Maintaining our sense of awe even as we discover the explanations for things
  • Sitting with the discomfort of not knowing to foster wonder
  • Following our curiosity and having questions as we follow the threads to discovery
  • Going through the right of passage of an existential crisis
  • The fact that things end makes them precious
  • How so much of ritual is processing change
  • Ritual being a 3 step path from a state of separateness to a state of togetherness
  • The wisdom in having rituals that mark time
  • Creating rituals
  • The positive and negative of our human tendency to find patterns
  • Tolerating ambiguity
  • The need for nuance
  • Interconnectedness

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