How to Win by Celebrating Your Clients #16


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How to Win by Celebrating Your Clients (Online Trainer Show #16)

Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about winning while celebrating with your clients. Rather than telling others how great you are, it’s better to have your clients tell them for you. You’ll be surprised at how much more effective celebrating your clients’ victories is at getting referrals! But obviously, celebrations are not initially intended for business. It’s for your hard-earned work, too!

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In This Episode:

  • How you can prevent having “methed up” gators in your sewers [00:00]
  • Animal Planet between two ladies. [08:40]
  • Why you should send postcards to your clients (even cheap ones!) [19:26]
  • Spending $3K for someone’s vacation, but getting $150K in return [24:07]
  • Celebrating in and of itself! [30:39]

"You celebrate the wins, of course - but you also need to celebrate the losses. The losses mean you had the guts to take action and that often deserves more celebration than wins do." - Jonathan Goodman

Cards and Gifts in the New Age

In 2020, we can assume that most of your clients don’t get physical mail, but they’ll still check for letters once in a while. Why not send them a postcard? It’s going to be a memory on their fridge that they’re going to talk to others about!

Milestones and Contests

You can utilize contests for your clients. Have them share their experience and success with you then randomly choose someone to win a prize worth a couple thousand dollars’ worth. Don’t worry. You’ll get way more business in return!

It’s Not Only for Your Clients

Ultimately, a celebration is all about having fun. Create that vibe, and you’ll start to get clients that are happy about the things they’re doing. And most of all, you too have to feel worthy of your work. Celebrate for the heck of celebrating!

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