A Crack in the Aquarium, the Tide is Turning...


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Show Page: https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/tosn_003/ Alternate Listening link: https://www.talkstreamlive.com/program/richard_c_hoagland Our new show, "The Other Side of the News" is a current and dynamic companion to augment the discussions from "The Other Side of Midnight.” TONIGHT'S SHOW "A CRACK IN THE AQUARIUM... the tide is turning..." We investigate, explore and extrapolate facts to gain a better understanding of current affairs and events, and thus, to bring comfort and calm to our wide international audience. It's a spontaneous commentary based on well-verified references vetted through vigilance and discernment. Our desire is to awaken your imagination with questions that have not been asked yet need answering. "The Other Side of the News" is a place where you can come and be with us in community, learning new things, asking questions, getting compelling answers and interesting viewpoints. It’s about curiosity...we present thought-provoking questions to incite your mind propelling you to see the world in another way…with clear insights and fresh perspectives on global events. Tune in for a balanced view of ”the Other Side of the News.” We're delighted to continue this new adventure with you! #Vaccines #vaccine #vaccineinjury #vaccineinjuryawareness #vaccinesharmactually #vaccinefree #vaccinessavelives #vaccinesinjure #SOCIALDISTANCING #CORONAVIRUS #protest #Protests #protesters #protesting #Protestors

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