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Show Page: Alternate Listening: The Universe has a way of arranging fortuitous solutions. Tonight's guest was called away for a family emergency, and last night's show was so potent with insight into life NOW. This gives us the opportunity for more listeners to benefit from this discussion. - Thank you all for your good wishes, Kynthea Mads Palsvig is Danish and a former investment banker. He has since broken ranks and now is an outspoken critic of the world banking cartel enslaving everyone in debt and poverty and 5G. Mads stumbled upon a couple of books by David Icke in Harrods in 2002 and since then he never looked back. It, however, became more and more difficult to work in banking, knowing how the system is working, rotten to the core and built to loot country after country. Not the kind of banking Mads was envisioning then and now.

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