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TOSN 5 – WWW. DECEIT.CON – Robert Morningstar TONIGHT, FRIDAY FRI. 7 pm – 9 pm PT / 10 pm – Midnight ET / SAT. 3 – 5 am GMT The crisis continues. It is fueled by faulty testing, speculative and even forged numbers of cases, and sadly - deaths. It is proclaimed as a clear and present threat by governments and the medical/pharmaceutical industry, and it is driven by mainstream media bent on fanning the flames of anxiety, fear and even lies to promote a fiery apocalyptic-styled crescendo. But to what end? Couched in the middle of this crisis is the World Wide Web, the primary tool used by billions of people across the globe to interact and gather information, and COVID-19 has truly gone ‘viral’ because it is a virus with a PR presence. Was there predictive programming leading up to this event? Are the measures for combatting the spread of the virus unreasonable? Is humanity in fact being prepared, or perhaps changed, for a so-called “new normal” which might include mass global surveillance via 5G technology, mandatory vaccinations and a fundamentally altered definition of what it means to be human? If so, who or what is lurking at the center of this web and is it possible to sweep it away and begin anew with common cause in genuine human fellowship? Join co-hosts, Kynthea, Timothy Saunders and Andrew Currie as they welcome guest, Robert Morningstar, to explore and discuss these and other unfolding issues on The Other Side of the News.

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