Do No Harm Makes Another Appearance in "Free Will" Of Outlander - S5 E3


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How far will Claire go to preserve her oath of "Do No Harm"? This week, Claire and Jamie find themselves coming to terms with this as they once again have to help an injured man. This time, his name is Mr. Beardsley--a cruel man who may have killed multiple women wedded to him after "they" didn't bear him a child. Claire attempts to help the man, while also helping his wife, Fanny, give birth to a child that isn't his. In the end, Jamie asks the man to communicate with him via blinking, and Mr. Beardsley tells him he'd like to have Jamie perform a mercy kill.

After the mercy kill, Jamie also comes to turn with Mr. Beardsley's health situation (a stroke), exactly the same way as Jamie's father, Brian, passed away while watching Jamie's flogging.

Today's After Show Was Hosted By: Rachel Goodman (@rachegoodman) and Leigh Broadway (@50plusandfabulous)

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