Roger's Militia Confronts the Browns; Brianna's Running From a Ghost - S5 E4


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Roger and the militia run into the Brown's who want one person: Morton. The Brown's believe Morton dishonored their daughter, Alicia, preventing her from marrying Ford. Roger makes the decision to give them Morton which pisses off Jamie when he arrives with Claire and the baby.

Brianna can't find Jemmy. After searching for him in the house, she believes Stephen Bonnet has come to find her. After Marsali and Brianna find Jemmy outside with his ball, they discuss the ghosts of the past and how thoughts can affect a person mentally.

Claire and Jamie discuss what they plan on doing with the baby, and there are hints that the two would have loved raising a child together. In the end, they realize they might not be the right people to foster a child, and they find two people who will raise the child as their own.

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