The Beginnings of the American Revolution Reach Outlander - S5 E7 'Outlander' Recap & Review


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Before the Battle of Alamance, Brianna races into camp to warn Claire, Roger, and Jamie that this will be the battle that some historians consider to be the catalyst of the American Revolution. Jamie sends Roger to speak with Murtagh about this so that Murtagh might stop his troops from fighting. In the end, to Jamie and Roger's dismay, the battle commences. Roger finds himself fighting for his life against his own blood, Buck, as the battle wages on.

In one of the most emotional moments of the show, Murtagh ends up dying, and Jamie brings him to Claire so that she might work her magic and bring him back to life. But Jamie quickly realizes he needs to come to terms with Murtagh's passing.

At the end of the episode, Brianna, Claire, and Jamie find bodies that have been hanged. As Jamie reaches for the body who they believe to be Roger, the three brace themselves for the worst.

  • Hosts: Adrian Snow, Rachel Goodman, Leigh Broadway

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